Error Code


Trouble Shooting

ERR-O/0 Over load Use within capacity
ERR-Z/2 1).exceed Zero tracing range when power on.

2). Forgot to place platform when linearity calibration

1). tack off the weight when power on

2). place platform and then recalibrate scale(linearity calibration)

ERR-S/5 inner code unstable when power on 1) Make sure the scale is stable when power on

2) Low battery, change or charge battery

3) Warm up the scale longer time

4)load cell was being touched

5) The indicator cable connector was not fixed well with load cell cable connector

ERR-C forgot to input calibration weight when calibrating CAL~000000~ press
[UNIT] and [PCS] (TARE) key to input calibration weight
ERR-P counting setting error place sample when counting setting
ERR-L forgot to place test weight when calibrating place test weight when calibrating
ERR-E there are something wrong w/ memorizer Check memorizer U24c02
ERR-b, Lob or Low battery 1.Change battery. Charge battery if it is rechargeable battery

2. Use AC/DC Adaptor as power supply