Our philosophy is to provide high quality products without sacrificing your budget


LW Measurements has been providing the scale industry with full service products since 2008 and is backed with over 35 years of knowledge. Having served the weighing industry in international marketing, product design, engineering, and manufacturing for many years we have created a brand you can count on.  Our beginnings started in Columbus Ohio, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and most recently in China before moving to Northern California.  

Tree Brand Scales and Precision Balances are equipped with patented AnyCal software and engineered with the best software, processors, raw materials and tooling in the industry. LW Measurements facilitates the entire manufacturing process and works closely with the engineers to ensure the highest quality scale at an affordable price. LW Measurements holds several design patents on our LFS and MediCan scales. As well as software patents in both China and the US.

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What We Provide

LW Measurements offers a large variety of scales and precision balances creating a full service facility and incorporates NTEP and NSF Certifications. We offer an unmatched 2 year warranty on all of our products as well as technical support for the lifetime of Tree Brand Products. We take great pride in our product knowing we offer quality, durable material at affordable cost for all your weighing needs.

Core Values

LW Measurements LLC takes pride in knowing we offer quality scales at an affordable price. We work closely with our factory to provide sustainable products that last.  It is important to us to back our products and provide technical support for the lifetime of the product. LW Measurements employees are encouraged to share their ideas daily and are met with transparency, encouragement and a family atmosphere. Our company believes that the growth of a company comes with the professional growth of the team.  

Company Timeline

LW Measurements company timeline starting in 2008 until now